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What Can I Create With iPress?

What Can I Create With iPress?

Magazine and Books

No coding needed, magazines and books can either be created from a PDF, InDesign file or from media content.
Create and publish to the App stores and web for wider audience reach instantly.
Deploy multiple apps to sell more.
Preview and monitor the content performance.


Make learning and sharing knowledge more interactive.
Compatible to carry the courses and study materials. Empower learning anytime, anywhere and on any device.
Preview and monitor the content performance based on the usage.

Brochures and Catalogues

Build a feature rich native application at the cost of developing a regular website.
Influence a go-mobile concept for your sales and marketing team
Create a differentiator with your competitors via great interactive content.
Boost sales by monitoring the content performance.

Sales Engagement

Create engaging mobile sales materials to optimize your sales pitch.
Increase sales interactions via interactive content display.
Interactive display and dynamic map will help in synergizing communication.
Share productive data insights to boost sales.

Event and Corporate Communication

Set the right message alerts via beacon sensors or GPS.
Interactive display and dynamic map will help in synergizing communication.
Transition your catalog to a interactive MobileApp.
Share productive data insights

Tradition & Culture

Develop a virtual museum by valorizing cultural and traditional content.
Create a virtual walkthrough by deploying digital guide on the mobile tablet for visitors.
Preview and monitor the content performance.
Help in visitor navigation via beacon sensors or GPS.




Offers options such as Newsstand compatibility, integrated subscription as well as the preview of magazines, books or comics.


The Pixie is a very innovative feature that displays a contextual menu with a number of services.


Creating an iPress project allows you to use media in a number of ways in its overall presentation.

Buttons & Links

An advanced feature in iPress Builder involves using a combination of both buttons and links where objects can be linked to other objects.


Stellar solution which seamlessly includes image, audio, video, HTML, slideshow, graphics, animation and maps.


Chat with our experts and get hands-on training.

The 3E Workflow

Effortless Creation and Design

Create and preview your content regardless of formats and device types without any coding. Deliver seamless interactivity to the users.

Easy Publish

Start publishing and distributing content to boost sales, to be a leader in marketplace, to create visibility, to deliver appropriate communication across all device types.

Engaging CMS

Deliver constructive insights on the content behavior and usage. Set regular updates via push notifications and retain your users through automated marketing communication.