Interactive magazine

You want to publish your magazines in a digital kiosk as a distributed application on Apple and Google “Newstand”

Instantly Impress Your Readers

  • The magazine can either be created from a PDF file, an InDesign file or original media content.
  • The time and creation costs are reduced by a factor of five compared to traditional methods.
  • You also don’t need to be an experienced designer to use iPress.
Kiosk Edition

Some of the Great Features

  • The Pixie is a revolutionary concept for touch platforms.
  • A multimedia screenwriting tool.
  • Flexibility and responsiveness of a mobile application.
  • Kiosk with your own design specifications
  • Interactive cover page and summary.
Kiosk Edition

Interactive Catalogue

You want to distribute your product catalogue as an application on the Apple, Google stores or as an Enterprise application.

Where Utility Meets Style

  • The catalogue can either be created from a PDF file, an InDesign file or original media
  • A feature rich native application at the cost of developing a regular website
  • The user interface has been especially designed for the e-commerce on mobile platforms
  • Impressive display of your products and categories
  • Multimedia product details (slideshow, video, 3D)
  • Purchase at the online store from the product details
  • Your customers can share their thoughts on social networks
  • List of the points of sale with geolocation
App Edition

Internal Communication

You want to distribute some content in your company as a “private App”

Connect and Engage with Your Organisation

  • The content can either be created from a PDF, an InDesign file or original media
  • The content is stored in a secured back-office
  • The simplest user interface exists for the author and for the reader
  • A private application tailored for your Company’s specifications.
  • Interactive cover page and table of contents
Kiosk Edition

Interactive Portfolio

You are a photographer, an architect or a designer wishing to publish your “book” on mobile devices

Your Portfolio Can Go Places

  • Create a media and feature rich portfolio to impress your audience
  • Have a well structured dispaly of your work
  • Have your customized portfolio application in no time
  • Presentation of your work with slideshow, sound, video and 3D in 2 minutes
  • Pixie connects your app to your audience via social media channels
  • Competitively priced portfolio app development platform
App Edition

Interactive Presentation

You want to use the mobile device as a presentation tool but with innovative features

Create a Wow Effect Now

  • The simplest presentation tool in the market
  • Add animation and actions to make your presentation highly effective
  • One solution to take care of individual users to corporate clients
  • Create sophisticated presentations with the least amount of efforts
  • The Pixie, a revolutionary concept for touch platforms
  • Interactive slideshow & Dynamic map
  • On-demand display of media & HTML intergration